Making someone as friends

When I was younger, I used to suffer from Anorexia so I know that it is important to eat well. Eventually I got over my food problem and started to eat a lot better. It did not happen overnight but I realized that you could make friends with food. My diet is not perfect and I do eat some junk food, At first my new colleagues at Barking escorts of were shocked when they heard that, but I explained that it is a matter of balance in your life. You cannot be good all of the time. It is simply does not work.

For me, every day starts the same. To give me energy for my shift at Barking escorts, I always have a big bowl of porridge. I top it up with a banana and some really scary full cream milk. The girls at Barking escorts seemed to think that a bit of fruit would be enough. I really dispute that. My breakfast is all about slow release energy throughout the day. Often when lunch time comes around, I have a healthy lunch but it is not a huge lunch at all.

My perfect lunch consists of some sort of protein such as fish or chicken. With that I will often enjoy some salad or just steamed vegetables. I know that a lot of the girls here at Barking escorts think that a sandwich is convenient but I am not a great believer in shop bought sandwiches. Many of them are full of salt and sugar, and that is not any good for you at all. I always have my lunch with water instead of a soft drink as I know that it will help me to digest my food much better. Once again, it is all about energy.

After my shift at Barking escorts I like to get some exercise. Some of the girls that I work with at the agency are real exercise fanatics and that is okay for them. Exercise is all about feeling good for me and I make sure that I get the right kind of exercise. I am one of those girls who believe that exercising outside is good for you. Walking is just as good as running and I do a lot of walking in the park. Swimming is another thing that I enjoy and you are likely to catch me doing that as well.

Dinner is important to me. I like to eat a slightly larger meal around dinner time, but there are certain things that I do not eat. Potatoes used to be one of my favorite foods but now I find that they do not taste of anything so I have switched to sweet potatoes. Some of the girls at Barking escorts were horrified when I said that I often have steak for dinner and would not believe me. You can eat steak for dinner. Have it with some butter and nice vegetables and it will be really good for you. I do eat sweet things as well, but not normally dessert. My sweet tooth is my weakness and I love to have a nice cake a couple of times per week.

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